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The best cryptocurrencies for 2020

The last year has been an explosive roller coaster ride in the world of digital money. The most well-known of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), started the year with a lazy 3,800 US dollars and started a breathtaking rally - the price shot to 8,000 US dollars for the first time in the middle of the year and peaked at around 12 in mid-July .ooo US dollars. From August, crypto fans unfortunately had to go on bumpy roads and the crypto currency jumped between 9,000 and even 6,000 US dollars. Of course, the number one in the crypto market has also pulled the other coins with it and they have experienced similar ups and downs - a look into the past reveals: After a low, a new all-time high can come very quickly. So let's take a look at the best of cryptocurrencies in 2020 and their potential.

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